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WTF wassup with Apple. I posted an observation and comment in Apples discussion/forum and got my posting removed and guess what’s their explanation? Secondly why can’t they then assist to forward my suggestion to their support team or where it should be? Obviously I didn’t know where to post it even tho I’ve searched through their website. So I thought I post there to see if got other iPhone users may have any idea or not?! And this is their way of handling their customer’s posting? Stupid and autocratic Apple getting too arrogant.
Dear Kelvin (Gemfighter),

Your post was removed from Apple Discussions as it contained feedback or feature requests. These areas are intended to address technical issues about Apple products. Although your feedback is appreciated, unfortunately these forums are not designed for it and your thoughts/concerns will not get the attention they deserve.

If you would like to send feedback to Apple about a product, please use the appropriate selection at
As part of submitting feedback, please read the Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy linked to the feedback page.

Sometimes you have comments or concerns for which there is no technical response. If you need the kind of help that a troubleshooting expert can’t provide, you can call Apple’s Customer Relations group.

Apple Discussions Staff


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A copy of your message for reference:

but that shouldn’t be the solution to this problem.

Other mobile phones doesn’t have this issue, the Alarm ringing volome is independant of the ringer volume.

Apple should fix this.

Where can I go to make this request?