Indiscreet discretion……

I can totally imagine…..

Manyger : “Why you go and call the customer ‘stupid’? and critisize his choice of clothes?”

Staff : “But his choice is realy stupid ah”

Manyger: “Even so you shouldn’t have told the customer straight in her face with so many customers in sight at the fitting room.  See now I have to handle her complaints and write apology letter.”

Staff: “In my zeal to explain the various aspects of colour co-ordination and having good taste in the fashionable  context  I failed to observe that there was a crowd of other customers watching.”

Manyger: “ok ok, see now I got to cover your backside as well as mine.  Come draft an apology letter, say ‘I offers my unreserved and unmitigated apology to the customer for my insensitive comments… I humbly appeals to the customer to forgive me of this serious indiscretion”

Staff : “*%$#$%…..ok loh”

Manyger: “Next time talk about customer discreetly ah!”

*some may scratch head at what I wrote, but some if not most should be able to tell…..*


Dear Kelvin….U have been surrounded by us (idiots) come out with your hands in the air and leave your intelligence behind

Two incidents occured that makes me wonder what is happening to our society……..have aliens invaded our planets and kidnapped them when they were sleeping and extracted their brains to conduct experiments ?…

1)  Wanting to apply for GIRO linkage for my Adult Ez.Link card and my mum’s senior citizen’s concession card (SCC).   I was told I need to fil up a form obtainable from the Transitlink office.  Submitted the form only to have Ez.Link office mail me a note telling me that they can only process the GIRO linkup to my card and indicated or labeled my mum’s SCC card as :- and I qoute “Invalid Card”.:

Called up Ez.Link card only to be given a standard almost robotic like answer by their customer service agents that ‘for SCC matters, pls call Transit Link office.’

Called up Transit link office only to be  told that GIRO activation for SCC card can be done at any General Ticketing Machine at any MRT station.


In the first place, why the difference?  normal adult cards have to fill up a form whereas it is not necessary for SCC cards (and can simply be done at GTMs)?  Why is this piece of information not stated on the GIRO application form?  Neither is this information stated in the note that was mailed to me…….was it to save ink or to justify the existence of the agents manning the service hotline???  In fact, why couldn’t the agents just informed me that GIRO link for SCC cards can be done at GTM and have to redirect me to call Transitlink office?????????????

2) Submitted my CPF transaction history for past 6 mths as income proof for Prudential – Standard Chartered VISA card application.  The girl calls me up to say I must submit the CPF contribution history instead????   I told her the Trans history also shows the contributions – to which she agrees and says but her manager requires the contribution history to be submitted…..?????  Told the girl to cancel my application!

Letter to the Romania Diplomat

Dear Mr Diplomat,

Hope this letter finds you in good health – although I cant’ say the same is for the mother whose son was knocked down by the car in Singapore that was traced to the Romanian embassy.

You are also the son of your mother and if I’m not wrong –  the father of a few?  Surely you would/ could put yourself in her shoes.   Were you able to sleep comfortably these past weeks?

You are a diplomat.  I’m sure that has to mean something…… something along the line where one knows he has to face the music and consequences for his behavior.   Aren’t you also supposed to be representing your country here?  Is this how your country is supposed to be represented here?

Yours truely

Kelvin Peh

New Year – New Toys – New New New

Been pretty adventurous ……… bought a new MacBook Pro and finally understood why my friends keep saying once you switched to the ‘other’ side….You’ll never return…….

I would bring it out to cafes…….so I’ve been hunting for ‘Laptop friendly’ cafes……and by Laptop friendly I mean having wi-fi, having power points to allow plugging in my lap-top to allow hours of web surfing. I prefer those ‘open’ area ones where you can get to see the world go by.

I like Starbucks and TCC. They are pretty laptop friendly. Today I stumbled upon LiRen‘s blog which he wrote about Passion Cafe @ the Esplanade Library and it’s really a very nice quiet (for obvious reasons) cafe with plenty of power sockets to go around. Nice ambience too and they play an interesting choice of music. Will definitely go there again. 🙂

Pet Peeves

I hate it when people

1) walk and smoke at the same time along some passageway. Japan has already banned that!

2) (especially ladies) who only start to dig into their super big hangbag upon reaching the MRT station gate to search for their Link pass and obstruct the human traffic flow or

3) like doing a CT scan of their bag over the sensor at the MRT station gate sensor for they dunno where their card is located in some corner of their bag.

4) buy cigarette and lighter at Cheers and wanna pay by NETS, declined already still ask if can pay via VISA then finally dig out $12.20 to pay via cash.

5) like machiam signed contract with a certain seat on the bus in the morning. Got space to move in behind but stand and obstruct people from moving inwards.

6) who peak period stand on right side of the escalator. Can’t read the sign but should be able to observe that majority of the people who are not walking up the escalator are keeping to the left!

added on 31.10.09:-

7) after tapping their card at the MRT gates, stare at the tiny screen (check value) for the eternity like as if every 5 seconds they stare at they will gain 5 cents more in their card.

8) people who scared that everyone else will be bored like they are and so decide to share their songs by playing them out loud using their phones or who feels that they could make better use of their train journey by choosing and changing their ringing melody! Thanks but no thanks!

……to be continued.