Iron Man Skin Decal

Iron Man Skin Decal Sticker for MacBook

Am so impressed with this Decal for Macbook that I’m going to order it from


I will always be next to U!

I will Always be next to U!

Took this pic of my keyboard one day….think the idea struck me for the longest time but just never had the chance to do so……

See for quite some time back, it already struck me that the letters “U” and “I” are always next to one another one keyboards. So I decided to play with that idea and thought it (this pic) could be an MMS or used to profess one’s love with. 🙂

Ban on dialect TV prog to stay

Whilst now daily u can hear the “Wa men ti Wa men ti” 我问天 theme song for the popular Taiwanese TV drama <爱> yet on local variety shows when they invite the actual Taiwanese singer of the show to perform, he is asked to sing the mandarin version?!? (-!-|||)

Also some foreign films /Korean tv drama is shown in dual sound channels. So why can't those shows in dialect be offered in a similar fashion?

Nowadays many younger generation can't speak their dialect. All things being equal, say 2 businessman goes to China to negotiate a contract with same terms. One can speak the China's counterpart's dialect whilst the other can't. Who do you think will be most likely to succeed?

A Mid Summer Shanghai Night Dream

This was to be my 3rd trip to Shanghai already….but still feel excited.  Got on my 1725 hrs SQ flight – well somewhat disappointed that the aircraft is not the newer ones with bigger screens and better inflight entertainment system.

catching my flight to Shanghai from Changi Airport T3

Am glad I opted to sit in the mid-section and boy was I glad with my decision.  There was a gang of ‘rowdy locals’ and just as the flight was almost filled I saw some passengers from the back with the assistance of the flight stewardess ‘upgraded’ to join us in the ‘non-noisy’ section.   I simply can’t understand why when they talk even over the phone it appears like they are arguing with someone.   5 hours later, we landed in Shangahai in as what the captain of the flight suggested “slightly cloudy with the land temperature at 28 D celsious”.   Yippie, not as hot as I had thought it would be.

It was almost 01am when I finally settled down and got ready for bed in my sister’s house……

Day 2

We went to Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao

Day 3

Yeah! Expo day! Today we went to the PuXi side of the expo.  The World Expo held from 1st May to 31st Oct 2010 is generally divided into 2 sectors – Puxi and Pudong.   Countries and Cities have their pavillion set up at Pudong whereas those by corporate companies are at Puxi.

We wanted to go to the Japanese one but the q for it was 5 hours.

So we went to the next one which is 3hrs 4o mins waiting time… was a long wait.  The exhibit by CISCO showcased future developments and used a case of what a typical day for a ‘Chen’ family might be in 2020.  How future technology will bring forth more convenience for our day to day mundane activities.  However I just feel that the short (less than 10 mins) showcase justifys the long 3 hrs plus wait for it.  For convenience’s sake we had KFC for lunch.

After that we went to the Expo Oil Pavillion.  That was a gruesome 4 hrs plus q……..the pavillion showcased how oil came about and the importance of oil to our daily lives.  There was even a pretty exciting 4D movies presentation.

Indiscreet discretion……

I can totally imagine…..

Manyger : “Why you go and call the customer ‘stupid’? and critisize his choice of clothes?”

Staff : “But his choice is realy stupid ah”

Manyger: “Even so you shouldn’t have told the customer straight in her face with so many customers in sight at the fitting room.  See now I have to handle her complaints and write apology letter.”

Staff: “In my zeal to explain the various aspects of colour co-ordination and having good taste in the fashionable  context  I failed to observe that there was a crowd of other customers watching.”

Manyger: “ok ok, see now I got to cover your backside as well as mine.  Come draft an apology letter, say ‘I offers my unreserved and unmitigated apology to the customer for my insensitive comments… I humbly appeals to the customer to forgive me of this serious indiscretion”

Staff : “*%$#$%…..ok loh”

Manyger: “Next time talk about customer discreetly ah!”

*some may scratch head at what I wrote, but some if not most should be able to tell…..*