Bangkok 2013 – a family trip

This is my second visit to Bangkok this year. The first was during Songkran festival in Apr (see

As my niece will be back for holidays as well as my sis, we decided to go Bangkok as we have been talking about it for the longest time. Also it’s considered one of my bucket list as the first trip I brought them there, I failed to fulfill my mom’s expectation of having a trip with sightseeing.

It was a very early Jetstar flight. We arrived at the airport around 6:15am.

Pre-show entertainment includes feeding/photo taking with the Elephant.

IMG_4045Right after clearing customs check – at the Airport there was this  thing call the Social Tree  that allows you to take and upload a pic of yourself and thereafter you can upload /share in FB as well as ‘flick’ it to the big screen above.


my social tree pic @ Changi Airport

my social tree pic @ Changi Airport

Approximately 2 hrs and 25mins or so later, we arrived at Bangkok – shopping and food paradise.

I’ve chosen to stay at Citadines 16.  It’s a service Apartment (under Ascott Group) that’s has hotel amenities like a roof top pool + gym and a great location.  A mere 5 mins walk to a relatively new shopping mall – Terminal 21 which is on the Asok BTS station interchange with Sukhumvit MRT station.

We headed down to Erawan Shrine to offer prayers and after thank a quick shopping at Naraya.

Ampawa Floating Market 

Our first stop was Ampawa Floating Market – a lesser known  floating market popular wtih the locals.  This floating market starts operating only during the later part of the day, towards the evening.

Bridge accross the Ampawa Floating Market.Me posing in front of the Ampawa floating marketYou can sit down at the banks and order food prepared by floating hawkers.


Hawkers will prepare your food orders and pass them to you with the help of a long bamboo with a plastic basket at one end containing your order. Customers will collect their food and place their payment into the same basket.

There were other shops selling some souvenirs, t-shirts, tibits etc.  A pretty interesting place.  About an hour’s car journey from Bangkok city itself.

Around 7pm (part of the package / you can purchase a ticket for I think was 60 baht)  we boarded a boat that will bring you to see fireflies.  Very interesting ride.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
A visit to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete for me if we don’t go to Chatuchak Weekend Market.
C-O-C-O-N-U-T ice-cream

C-O-C-O-N-U-T ice-cream

This is one of my favourite items to have there.  C-O-C-O-N-U-T ice-cream! With my favourite toppings! Sweet corn and shredded pumpkins.

Siam Niaramit

 After reading rave reviews about this show.  I decided to give it a try.

Options are available for you to choose if you want just to watch the show or have their buffet dinner before the show.  Well I would say the buffet dinner was alright, nothing to jump up and down for me.

To get to the theatre, they do have a shuttle service that runs from Thailand Cultural Center.

Pre-show entertainment includes feeding/photo taking with the Elephant.

Pre-show entertainment includes feeding/photo taking with the Elephant.

Post-Dinner-Pre-Show entertainment.

Post-Dinner-Pre-Show entertainment.

The performers will invite audiences to join in……


The performers will get audiences to participate……

The show is  really deserving of the many awards it earned.  The props, stage decor as well as costumes were very elaborate.  Sadly no photography is allowed.

Visitors are allowed to take pics of the place, with performers, with the elephant, however they have to deposit their cameras over the counter prior to entering the theatre before the show commence.

Wat Pho and Bangkok Grand Palace

Wat Pho has the world’s largest sleeping Buddha’s statue.

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance.  Must remember to use the ticket stubs to exchange for bottled water.



For a 20 Baht donation, you get a bowl of coins to deposit into 108 bowls in the temple.....was told by the guide the last round to make a wish at the last bowl before you deposit the coin there.

For a 20 Baht donation, you get a bowl of coins to deposit into 108 bowls in the temple…..was told by the guide the last round to make a wish at the last bowl before you deposit the coin there.


Next stop The Bangkok Grand Palace…and there was a very long queue…..

seems like it was recently touched up and looks very new.

seems like it was recently touched up and looks very new.


Some parts of the palace do not allow photography like inside the emerald Buddha Shrine.

the grandeur....

the grandeur….

<<to be cont’d>>


World Expo – 2010 @ Shanghai – Better City. Better Life

Visited Shanghai in Apr 09. Took this video while inside the 上海城市规划局 – a segment where they presented via a 360 degrees screen using CGI to let visitors know more about the World Expo that will be held in Shanghai in 2010 May – Oct.

Many countries including Singapore will be taking part.

I think I would definitely like to go there in May 2010. Anyone wanna go too?

Continuation of Taipei Trip

This is featured in one of the Taipei guide books and the rave reviews on the internet by tourists heighten my curiosity and in spite of the cold weather, I went ahead to give it a try.

This dessert stall is a famous one at Yong Kang street. It’s known as Ice Monster.

There I ordered the cold trio – mango, kiwi and strawberry…..absolutely marvelous!

The next day I visited the world renowned National Palace Museum (NPM). Take MRT to Shi Lin station and change to Red Bus 30 (but limited timing) but near Shi Lin got other bus services that goes to the NPM.
Photography is prohibited inside. The many exhibits showcased chinese paintings, tools and dye making, and of particular mentioning are the jade and ivory carvings!
Another place that is mentioned in the guide book which caught my attention is 德也茶喫 – Shan Dao Temple station exit no.2 walk 3 mins – behind Sheraton Hotel. 精緻的仿膳御點成為觀光客津津樂道的招牌點心.
Their tea and starter set.
Very exquisite snacks imitating those served to the Empress Dowager in the ancient Chinese Palace.

For NTD 199 your choice of any type of chinese tea, and alacarte buffet your choice of any of the 點心

My Christmas 2008 Taipei Trip

It was my first time away from Singapore during Christmas season. Pretty glad it was at Taipei – a location where the climate at that time was cooling……the climate just right for Christmas.
Arrived there on 22nd Dec……..was told that it was that day that the temperature dropped……experiencing lows of 13 – 18 degrees C.
Stay at The Tango Hotel – NanShi 台北-南西 at Nanjing West Rd. It’s only a few steps away from the 中山 MRT station.

I would say this is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

All the controls are on touch panels. Toiletries are refilled daily. Likewise for the 2 sachets of coffee and tea and they’ve like got 5 types of chinese tea. Coke, Sprite, isotonic drink, all provided free of charge and refillable.
They’ll even top up daily 2 pineapple cake from 新东杨

They’ve got a standing rain shower. The three panels on the ceiling will converge the water on you… NICE!

And also a jacuzzi bathtub… the lights in the washroom and the bath has multi-coloured lights. Not to forget that they has a built in flat screen TV mounted so that you can watch TV while you soak your fatique away…….mmmmm……..

What’s this control panel for? It’s for the jets of water to clean yourself up after u poo poo! Oh and the toilet seat is also heated!

Besides a 32 inch LCD TV, the room comes equipped with a clock radio, DVD player and even a microwave oven! All the appliances (well with the exception of the microwave oven) can be controlled by a single universal remote – which you can even use to draw the curtains!!!

They’ve also got very tasty breakfast with a few staples like the porridge, cereals and different types of bread while rest of the buffet dishes changes daily. Nice, friendly and helpful English speak staff. We needed to print our return flight itinerary after confirming our flight using the 2 free internet terminals at their cafe and they allowed us to use their business centre to do so without extra charges!