Ritter Sport 100g WildBerry Yogurt

Bought a Ritter Sport 100g Strawberry Yogurt (SY) bar and it tasted so good that i was litterally slapping myself for not buying more.  It seems that the SY flavour is not available in Singapore…..or that so far I’ve not chanced upon it before.

Today I was at Suntec and ventured to a well known Chocolate establishment (small outlet in Suntec) to check it out.  I found a Wildberry Yogurt one and I bought 2.

I checked with the sales (an auntie) if they do carry the SY flavour one…….

A – Auntie, K – me

K: excuse me, but do u have the SY flavour one?


K: Sorry?

A:only Milka got the SY one. Ritter Sport dun have.

K: Yes they do, I just bought from Bangkok. Was wondering if you do sell it here.

A:No we don’t.

K: Any chance you guys will be getting that in? (hoping there is some way she can reflect to her sales people to bring that in).

A: I dunno.

Wah well done……so good Auntie ah your customer service skills.  Should GEM by asking customer if he likes to leave down contact number so that customer can be contacted after you reflect to your management and they  decides to bring in the product.  Maybe it’s just a small chocolate bar still the service level …hmmm, leaves a bittersweet experience and that is not from the chocolates.